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At the Law Office of Robert L. Jones, you can obtain a fast, affordable Cobb County uncontested divorce from $595 (our typical fee without minor children) using an experienced divorce attorney.  Call (770) 794-3220 or fill out the New Client Inquiry found on the Getting Started page.  If your Cobb County divorce case involves minor children, our uncontested divorce fee starts at $1,225 (or typical fee with minor children).  Our fees do not include the court costs ($275.00)

So, typically, your cost for an uncontested Cobb County divorce without minor children is $595 (our fee) plus $275 (court costs) for a total of $870.

With minor children, your cost for an uncontested Cobb County divorce is typically $1,225 (our fee) plus $275 (court costs) for a total of $1,500.

Unusual issues can affect our actual fee for your particular case but the above fees and costs are typical.

For more information, please see our Practice Areas page.

If you are a full-time law enforcement officer or firefighter, please give us a call for your discounted rate.

We start the divorce process with a phone conference with you only (you will not need to come to our office and your spouse need not participate).  If you agree, your spouse can participate in the phone conference with you.

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Low Fixed Uncontested Divorce Fee

Starting at $595 for a divorce (no children)
$1,200 for a divorce with minor children

Please note actual fees may vary depending on your specific case.

Cobb County Divorce

Divorce. This word evokes the range of emotions involved in ending a marriage.  It also conjures up thoughts of the cost and time needed to complete a divorce, and the confusion that can surround lengthy legal proceedings.

Many people facing divorce feel that their lives will be put on hold while their case makes its way slowly through the courts and attorneys collect sizable fees.  But, this is not necessarily the case in a Cobb County divorce, even if you have minor children.  Our Cobb County uncontested divorce process can be simple, fast, low-cost and relatively stress-free.  

Divorce in Cobb County does not have to be lengthy, expensive or confusing. At the Law Office of Robert L. Jones, we offer low flat fees for uncontested divorce, and focus on completing your divorce as inexpensively and quickly as possible, often without you coming to our office.  At no additional cost, we can also obtain a name change for the wife. 

Through the use of our proprietary technologies, we custom-prepare and deliver all of your required documents to you and, if required in your particular case, we also appear in court with you at a final hearing to complete the uncontested divorce case in the Superior Court of Cobb County.  

Using our uncontested Cobb County divorce process, your spouse will never be served by a sheriff's deputy or a private investigator.

Affordable Divorce in Cobb County

Because we have fine-tuned the uncontested divorce process, we can greatly reduce the cost because we do not need to spend as much time on the case.  Less cost can also mean less stress for you. And, you can get on with your life sooner.

While you certainly do not want to even think about cutting corners in actual in court representation in any Cobb County divorce, you can reduce the cost without sacrificing quality of representation or the desired objectives of your case. 

Our practice has the right blend of skill, experience and common sense to provide an affordable Cobb County Divorce and still achieve a good outcome.  We do not waste our time and your money with charging for copies or faxes.  Instead we focus our representation on efficiency and the bottom line result that you need so that you can move on with your life and start over.

The Law Office of Robert L. Jones offers uncontested divorce and divorce planning legal services to residents of Cobb County, Georgia.  We also represent clients in other states or countries who need help with a Cobb County uncontested divorce.  We provide an affordable divorce approach and resolution. 

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The information at this web site is for advertising and general information purposes.  The information is not intended to be legal advice for you to rely on.  We recommend that you contact the firm for specific information and answers to your questions. No attorney-client relationship if formed by visits to this website only.

Uncontested Divorce

The cost of divorce in Georgia does not have to be expensive. In an uncontested divorce, for example, the parties have agreed in advance how to divide marital property, allocate debts, arrange for custody of minor children, and set child and spousal support. To schedule your personal consultation with Robert L. Jones, an experienced Cobb County divorce attorney, contact us online using the "Getting Started" link above or call  (770) 794-3220.

Military Divorces

Uncontested divorce can be a great fit for military families who have limited time and financial resources and need to get the process completed correctly and quickly. With the increased schedule demands on military families it can seem almost impossible. Robert Jones helps military families work through the special legal and financial issues to resolve their divorce as efficiently as possible.

“Our goal is to free you to care for yourself and your family while we take care of your divorce legal matters.”

― Attorney Robert L. Jones

Divorce with Efficiency, Speed, and Low Costs

At the Law Office of Robert L. Jones, we combine thorough and comprehensive divorce and family law legal services with efficiency, speed, and low costs. Contact a lawyer or call (770) 794-3220 today. 

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